Childcare Management

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Childcare Management

This is a key part of our business and something we are passionate about. We have a number of Childcare Centres and OOSH's that we assist and are committed to providing the best service so you can enjoy the role of caring for the children within your centre.

Our services include:

Assessing the centres needs by discussing which programs would be best suited to meet the requirements of the centre.

Entering all Enrolment Forms for families of your Childcare Centre or OOSH into your approved CCMS program.

Entering the CRN Numbers for each family and child into your approved CCMS program.

Entering all hours that the children attend per week.

Uploading attendances to ensure the government body CCMS has all the hours and therefore enables families to receive the correct benefit they are entitled to.

Allocating all payments made by the families in your approved CCMS program and MYOB.

Sending out weekly statements to families.

Debt collection as required.

Account Payable – paying all the centre bills by the due date, helping to manage cashflow.

Bank Reconciliation of all bank accounts and credit cards.

Lodgement of BAS and IAS Requirements.

Payroll for all staff of your Childcare Centre or OOSH.

Superannuation Requirements.

Reporting to the Childcare Centre or the OOSH's Committee.

Producing financial reports as required by the centre’s management.

Budgeting for your Centre and OOSH Centre.

Attending Committee Meetings to discuss the financial position of the centre.