About us

Who we are

A boutique bookkeeping and management company, J Bromilow CHAMP Enterprises was founded by Jo Bromilow in 1999.  Nestled in Blaxland, in the lower Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. While many of our clients are local, a considerable number of them are situated across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

What we do

We provide up to date, quality and cost-efficient services tailored to meet the needs of our varied client base. We concentrate on the small to mid-sized sector, and specialise in the full range of cloud-based bookkeeping and PAYG/Payroll services.

We are deeply loyal to our clients and are committed to delivering a superior service. We are very proud to say we still have clients who started with Jo when she first set up shop.

An investment in your business

We are an integral part of your business, which makes us an important investment. We ensure your compliance, keep your bookkeeping transactions reconciled, pay suppliers and staff, and provide regular financial results, enabling you to be able to identify clearly where your expenses lie and make changes if required. 

Our clients are passionate about their businesses, but this rarely extends to doing “the books”. It is our passion, though, so why not leave your bookkeeping and payroll to the qualified team at CHAMP Enterprises?