P&C childcare committees

An audit by the NSW Department of Education has led to the streamlining of OSHC licence agreements.  The changes simplify the licence categories and associated tender processes, ensuring that parents and children have access to the best possible OSHC services.

One change makes Category A licences available only to P&C associations. Existing parent run providers in this category, not currently run by P&C associations, will receive support for transition to the new arrangement.  

CHAMP Enterprises currently works with P&C associations. We can help them transition to Parents & Citizens (P&C) association ownership and control under the Parents and Citizens Associations Incorporation Act 1976 as smooth as possible. We partner closely with our parent managed not for profit OOSH services.

To facilitate the transition of OOSHs to sub-committees under their P&C’s executive committees, CHAMP Enterprises ensures there are engaged members performing in sub-committee roles. This is critical to ensuring that OOSH services are provided at a reasonable cost. We encourage the return of profits to OOSH communities.

If you are a parent run committee and you are looking to incorporate under your school’s P&C association structure please contact CHAMP Enterprises on (02) 4739 0739 or jo@champenterprises.com.au so we can start guiding you through the changes.

If you know of any other centres in need of assistance, call us now!

Secretary Committeemembers* President Vice President TreasurerExecutive Committee Secretary Committeemembers* Subcommittee OOSH Chairperson or sub-committee president TreasurerThe number of committee members is dependent upon the P&C Federation ConstitutionOrganisational Chart — P&C Committee StructureP&C Federation(membership required)