Early Education and Care

J Bromilow CHAMP Enterprises specialise in the management of childcare and Out of School Hours (OOSH) centres.

We partner with centre committees to help them perform better. Our mentoring service develops leadership skills, with benefits for both centres and their committees. While, of course, providing bookkeeping and payroll services.

Experience and expertise

Our approach enables centres to focus on their children by dealing with the pressures of administration.  We identify efficiencies so that committees and managers of not-for-profit centres can return profits to their communities, providing even greater support for children. Our consistent approach, with tailored solutions, developed and refined over many years, ensures compliance with the requirements of all governing and government bodies, and has made us experts in this field.

Centre management and committee support

Qualifications to work in the childcare industry don’t include business skills. CHAMP Enterprises can help management to:

  • monitor financials,
  • stay on top of compliance,
  • fulfil ATO requirements, including Business Activity Statements, Income Activity Statements and superannuation, and
  • meet conditions of employment.

We offer direct phone support to respond to management and committee needs and queries.

We work in conjunction with committees to prepare annual budgets and are also available to attend committee meetings and respond to queries as applicable.  Our close support of committee members (often parents) encourages engagement, a valuable asset.

Bookkeeping, payroll and compliance support

Our payroll and bookkeeping services are particularly beneficial to childcare and OOSH centres, due to the number of casual staff required to meet changing commitments. Our systems and expert team are able to easily accommodate changing staffing requirements.

Parent and Carer Support

Parents are encouraged to liaise with us directly in relation to fees and bookings, enabling centres to focus on children’s development and enjoyment of their facilities.

Additional services specific to the childcare and OOSH sector 

We can, on request, also offer the following services specific to childcare and OOSH:

  • child enrolments,
  • child attendances,
  • booking adjustments,
  • weekly issuing of invoices to families,
  • debt collection,
  • Centrelink liaison in relation to CRN allocation and family queries, and
  • management of the CCS and parents’ fees.