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Our job as your professional and committed Bookkeepers is to provide you and your business with quality service in all bookkeeping areas, these include:

Assessing your businesses’ needs by discussing which accounting packages would be most beneficial to the type of business you have.

Accounts Receivable – entering all invoices in a timely manner, allowing your business to have an accurate outline of outstanding invoices, therefore reducing bad debts and maintaining your cash flow.

Accounts Payable – entering all supplier invoices so you have a current outline of your expenditure and ensuring all your bills are paid on time.

Reconciling all bank accounts ensuring your data is ready for the lodgement of your BAS and IAS.

Lodging your BAS (Business Activity Statement), in a timely manner to avoid late lodgement fees.

Lodging your IAS (Income Activity Statement), this also needs to meet the Australian Taxation Office’s timeframe and we therefore ensure this is done within this timeframe to avoid late fees.

Payroll, Superannuation & PAYG, entering all payroll and lodging all required information to ensure your business maintains accurate records which comply with the payroll legislation.

Reporting as required by your business. This includes Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger Reports, Payroll Reports and other reports as required by your business.

MYOB and Xero Setup. We can also order MYOB products on your behalf to ensure you get the best price available.

Description of a Good Bookkeeper

Maintaining Financial Records
Our duty as your Bookkeeper is to keep your business’ financial records up to date and maintain regular reporting as required by each individual business. This enables your Accountant to have all the information they require when it comes to the end of financial year requirements.

Invoice Management
One of the key jobs as your Bookkeeper is making sure all invoices either outgoing or incoming are managed. This includes making sure all invoices are paid on time and making sure the money for outgoing invoices are collected in a timely manner to ensure your business’ cashflow is running effectively.

Meeting Regulations
One of the important roles as your Bookkeeper is to ensure we keep on top of all changes in legislation this ensures your business reduces its tax liabilities and makes sure you are compliant with current tax legislation. We will ensure all your lodgement dates are met, therefore avoiding any late lodgement fees.

Working with your Accountant
Our job as your Bookkeeper is to keep on top of the day to day requirements of your business by keeping your records accurate and up to date and working directly with your Accountant. We will frequently consult with your Accountant to make sure everything is set up properly, records are kept up to date and accurately entered into the system, this ensures any amendments are picked up and amended correctly prior to tax time.